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Originally Posted by Loki Love View Post
My cats used to be fussy with the whole refrigerated food thing too - now, I either warm up the food for a bit in the microwave prior to serving, or add some warm water to it - they haven't turned their nose up at it since. Maybe you will be able to fool your kitty like I was able to mine?
I'm going to try adding some warm water to their refrigerated leftovers. I tried it once (a long time ago) and Daisy freaked out - she went up to the bowl, looked at it, and slowly backed away from the bowl, like it was going to reach up and smack her or something. It was so weird! But I think trying a drop or two of warm water and just mashing it around is worth trying.

Originally Posted by Chris21711 View Post
Now I buy Instinct, the rabbit and lamb flavours seem more juicier than the others. I'm also buying Van Patten's even though it is not grain free, right now it is a hit. I always mix warm water with their food, it is a good way to make sure they are getting plenty of moisture.
Which Van Patten's are you using? Ours is grain-free - the Duck & Green Pea is grain- and chicken-free - Daisy used to love it (I'm going to try putting it back into the rotation). I looked at the Instinct rabbit, venison, and lamb formulas - I just can't get past the pork liver. They've never had pork before (or rabbit or lamb). Is that a common ingredient? I'd never seen it before, so I was hesitant to introduce an entirely new protein to them.

So it sounds like a constant rotation/daily variety is the way to go - I'll give it a shot! They had turkey for breakfast/lunch, and we'll try some Natural Balance for dinner.

Thanks as always for the advice. I'll update very soon and let you know how it all plays out!
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