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Question Cat food rotation or constant variety?

My kitties are SOOO picky about their food - I mean, I am as well, so I get it, but it does get frustrating.

So my question is this - is it better to give them a constant variety of foods in rotation (like have 2 or three they like and switch them off daily), or to give them one kind of food until they get sick of it and then start giving them another kind of food?

I offered them a variety of canned foods to begin with, but I'm really limited in what they can eat because one has an allergy to chicken, I don't want to give them seafood, they only eat the grain-free good stuff, and the cans have to come in small 3 oz sizes because they shun refrigerated leftovers (this is embarrassing to admit how picky they are ). I offered them Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner, Natural Balance Duck & Green Pea, and Instinct Duck - they shunned everything in favor of the Instinct! They were really enjoying it - and now all of a sudden they're over it. I gave them some of the Merrick today, and they ate all of that and none of the Instinct. I'm not a huge fan of the Merrick - I really prefer that they eat the Instinct - so I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions in how to rotate their food choices so that we don't have a kitty uprising here.

So to summarize, would you guys do a constant rotation, or only switch foods as they lose interest? And please tell me if I'm being weird about the Merrick - it just looks weird to me with all those chunks, and this whole anthropomorphism deal with making the food sound and look like human food is also off putting to me.
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