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Exclamation Please Help This Cat Gone Wild!!

Hi Everyone! I'm so happy to find a forum like this! I have a great family with myself, my partner and our 2 beautiful cats, Charlie (neutered male, 8 years old) and Gracie (female, 2 years old). Charlie is the most docile little guy I have ever met... so passive and gentile. We quickly learned after bringing home our little girl, that she was The Boss! Whether it`s treat time, or wet food day, if Charlie is in the way, Gracie gives him a little swat, and Charlie gracefully moseys along... Very recently we saw a stray in our driveway and being as it was so cold out, we instantly brought him into our home and nicknamed him Ollie. Ollie looked to be under a year old, and not neutered. He was a joy around the humans in our family, my 14 month old niece especially took to him.... but he was such a trouble maker with the other cats. Charlie was very quickly the target of Ollie`s attacks, resulting in many scratches and scars. We very regrettably found our Ollie a new home with no other kitties to torment, however since his departure, our Gracie has turned on Charlie so severely, we have had to keep them separated, and have started to consider finding a new home for her as well. We adore Gracie and want to help her through whatever it is that`s going on in her life, but I feel it`s so unfair to place Charlie in harmís way, when he doesn`t do a thing to protect himself other than scream and try to run away. They used to be so content with one another! I can't seem to understand why little Ollie would have put such an insane damper on their relationship. We need help to keep our family together! Please help us to understand how to help our little Gracie!
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