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Originally Posted by mastifflover View Post
Growler if he would stay still long enough to get a pic that would be a feat in itself. But I am leaning towards Valley as well so that is what he is I have decided. He does not look like the Americans I know. His head seems to be a different shape then the American. Oh well he is cute and cuddly and loves me and I love him thats all that really matters
Yeah holding still can be a big issue esp if you need to use the word cookie for the pic you want

I would say for sure Clark is not an American bulldog

Originally Posted by rottnmom View Post
Mastifflover, he certainly resembles most of the Valley Bulls I have met here. The majority of them have a strong
Boxer resemblance, with more muscling than typical of a boxer. Beautiful boy!!
The second pic really shows the boxer background, as mentioned above they say Boxer x English Bulldog = Valley Bulldog

and rottnmom you're right Clark is a handsome boy, mastifflover my apologies for not mentioning that most important fact sooner
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