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Otter, Chico may have a different answer but down in Australia someone on the garden forum suggests that a container with, of all things, beer in it will help get rid of slugs and earwigs.
Chico, that is a lovely garden, the different colours and types of foliage are great together. In your third photo what is the plant with the huge leaves? If that's a Hosta, well I have never grown them, but I can see why people would. As your photo's downloaded , when I saw just the petals of your orange flower I thought it was a Chrysanthemum(only because I have one flowering now here) but no, I think it's a Gerbera. With the photo you labelled big pots of flowers, did you buy the plants separately and pot them into the big pot yourself, or buy it planted up? It'll be quite a picture fully in bloom. Your table decoration is lovely, and the only thing I have against the white fluffy flower is that it doesn't have a lot of perfume. Very decorative though.
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