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A little more info would help. What is she eating now and in what quantities? What meds as well as supplements is she taking? Was it a predisposing condition (ie. hyperlipidemia) that lead to the pancreatitis? A medication she was taking? How is her white cell count now? Her amylase and lipase enzyme count. When you say she's refusing to move, do you mean she is also incontinent?

The duration of pancreatitis depends very much on the onset.

Originally Posted by ODonnell View Post
A week ago my 4 year old Lab Abby, was vomiting uncontrollably, lethargic, shaking/twitching. We rushed her to the hospital and they took x-rays, etc. In the x-ray the vet pointed out what looked to be sand in her abdomen. They then diagnosed her with pancreatitis. She stayed in the hospital for 3 days to recieve treatment and then she was back to herself. Today though she has begun to show similar symptoms. She's not vomiting but she's refusing to move and she's shaking/twitching especially around her hind legs.

We've placed her on the bland diet the vet told us to do as well as given her all the medication she was prescribed. I'm worried because my parents spent over 1000 dollars to have her treated. My father has made it clear that if she gets sick again, we will have to put her down.

I suppose my question is whether or not this is a new case of pancreatitis or if it sypmtoms from the same case. I'm unsure as to how long pancreatitis lasts after treatment.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I'm terribly worried.
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