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Smile Thanks for your info

Thanks for the advice and suggestions for a puppy selection. I am thinking now after reading this and other info, a doxie may not be the best choice for this family.
The idea so far is to narrow the field, of course. I personally believe they should look for a young adult dog at a shelter, I feel its the best choice, and will encourage this selection
As a toy poodle owner msyelf, I am a big fan of this breed, a miniature poodle or poodle mix could work out well.
I dont believe they really "care" whether they have a purbebred dog, just a small one that would be a good family pet. Young, small dogs are in high demand at the various shelters,but can be found. Its where I found my own dog. It took several months of checking.. but he was a ideal match for me - a treasure just waiting to be discovered.
The best adjective to describe their sweet little daughter is exuberant. Though she is gentle in nature, she has boundless energy, runs rather than walks everywhere, a little girl full of action - and with a rather high noise level.
My cats run and hide when she arrives for a visit - they are used to a very quiet atmoshpere.
My tiny dog is high energy, and loves to run and play with her,and they have great fun together,but as he is very delicate, I supervise always.

I will let you know how the search is going, thanks again. I'm learning lots about the various breeds, and am going to get some books to give them also.

Its a serious but exciting venture for them, their very first dog.
They have lots and lots of research to do, careful thought and planning, and I know they will give the correct consideration that is required.
And I will be happy to assist them with whatever I can to make a successful choice, the best match for dog and family.
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