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Thank goodness I have only had to deal with urine crystals once before, probably 25 years ago but I had an old farm vet, who didn't like alot of medicines, surgeries etc unless they were life threathening. I do believe he gave me the best advice that worked. I had a male that was neutered at 3 months, (not recommended until a year back then). He had constant crystals & we seen so many vets it was pathetic, until I found this old farm vet one Saturday when me was so sick. He told me to forget the fancy expensive foods & get any food that had no ash content in it or as little ash as possible. The only brand I could find at the time was a semi-moist brand called Happy Cat. He ate about half of his diet this semi-moist food & about half boiled chicken, ground beef,or home made food. The thing that makes me feel his suggestion of, "no ash" worked was the cat would be fine on his normal diet, but If I could not find Happy Cat & got another brand with ash in it, he was sick again 5 days later or so every time. Their is no Happy Cat brand here anymore, it has been long gone for years, but you might read your labels & find another one now with little or no ash & try it. Please don't slam me for recommeding a grocery store, cheaper brand of food, I know they are bad, but hey when all else failed it worked. Spunky lived 17 years on Happy Cat & boiled assorted meats & eggs & I think was healthy otherwise.
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