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Sorry but you are barking up the wrong tree. From someone who works with and owns venomous reptiles and other deadly creatures, a lion is too much for me to even think about. I don't think there is anyone here who can specifically answer your question, because we don't know EXACTLY where you live.. because even if we know that you live in Ontario, it's really hard to track anything down beyond that because we would have to contact each individual town or whatever for you and specifically ask them, and being that not many sane people would want to own a lion then chances are it would be very hard to track down an answer.

In the states we have Fish and Wildlife for our states which govern each state. like in NJ I'm technically not supposed to own venomous reptiles anywhere within the state, but I purchased them in another state that allows them.. but at the same time it's not like owning a lion or anything! My exotics are confined to appropriately sized enclosures and the only danger they would be is to myself if I was dumb enough to do something I'm not supposed to, but a lion on the other hand is something completely different.

Also where I live counties, towns and townships can override whatever Fish and Wildlife has to add more restrictions.. like for instance, owning farm animals is not forbidden in the state of NJ obviously, but my towns zoning would not approve of me having a cow in my backyard.

Good luck on your quest, but I highly doubt anyone here will help you out even if they could.. I'm not entirely sure how things work in Canada but I could try calling your town clerk or something and see what they say.. there is also the matter of buying a lion from the US to be sent to Canada.. that is a GIANT mess right there. You better make sure all the paperwork is in order and that you know all the exotic importing rules and regulations and you have the proper health certificates because I can tell you right now that I've seen first hand the kind of trouble you can get in from not having proper papers with exotic animals.. My friend had her 2 pet prairie dogs confiscated from her by Fish and Wildlife and nearly got hit with a HUGE fine for having them...

So yeah, good luck and hopefully if you decide to go threw with this we don't see you on the news like that lady that had her face ripped off by a chimp =/
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