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hi, I just saw this post, we just went through the surgery TPLO Jan 13th, she'll be going in for her final xrays next week to see if the bone is healed up. on Brina it was her knee that was blown. Would I do it again? definately!! she has a slight limp still when she gets up from sleeping, but its getting less and less everyday, we've worked up to a mile daily, and after the xrays we can increase to our 2 miles. Still no jumping or excessive running till roughly june, but we can wait, what would you like to know? I have a bit posted here

feel free to ask whatever you like and if I or another member can answer you , be sure that we will. oh and brina is only 5, a lab/shep mix and very very active!! You'd swear she was only about 2....still a pup and full of energy
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