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Absolutely, move Charlie's crate. Lady's (2-1/2 year old Cocker) crate is at the foot of our bed. Even though she cuddles on the bed with G-Man and me, when I say "bed time", she hops off and goes straight into her crate. Lady's crate is big enough for her to do a full stretch in it (front and back legs extended). Charlie will feel a lot more comfortable if his crate is closer to you.

Remember that Charlie is entering his "teen-age" rebellion period and any routines you establish now and over the next year or so will be the ones you have to live with for the rest of Charlie's life. He will test your boundaries and I know from personal experience (twice over!) how hard it is to face those big, sad-looking eyes and droopy ears and jowls. Your hard work and consistent dedication now will be rewarded in the future with a happy, confident and well adjusted dog.
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