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Originally Posted by LoveCharlie View Post
Hi all,

Charlie is almost a year old now and he has been sleeping in his crate every single night since we've had him. His crate is in the basement in our laundry area. When I put him in the crate for the night, I turn the light off and only leave a kid night light so it's not totally dark.

It breaks my heart in a milion pieces every time I put him in his crate for the night because I know he hates it. He doesn't make a sound or cry when he's in the crate but I know he hates it. Except night time, you will NEVER see him go in his crate or relax in it. I try to leave treats in the crate for him to make it more fun for him. He goes in, eats them, come back out.

I would love to be able to leave him in the house at night but he is so attached to me that he would just stay in our bed between us and there is absolutely no way my fiancÚ would let him. If I close the door, he will cry and scratch until he makes a whole in it to get in the room. A lot of people say it's a cocker spaniel thing to always be near their human but sometimes I wish Charlie was a little more independant. If I leave the house for an hour, he will stay in the window watching for me to come back for the full hour.

I know a lot of people have an ''open door'' crate policy where their pets only go in if they want to but it doesn't seem like this would work here. I would like to get your opinions on what I should/could do. Should I continue the way we are now? Or should I do something different?
I think Dog Dancer had an excellent idea... put Charlie's crate beside your bed. He probably doesn't look forward to going in it as it's so far away from you!

Would he be inclined to sleep on a doggie bed in the room with you? I used to let all 3 of my pups sleep on my bed until I started not sleeping so well cause I couldn't move most of the night I bought a huge, round doggie bed and my biggest pup happily sleeps on it every night, if she does try to get up on the bed I tell her a firm "No". She rarely tries to get up on the bed now.

Do you feed Charlie in it? That may also help him to like it more... but I truly believe he doesn't like it since it's so far from you.

I don't have an open door policy for crates in my home... but I have four dogs four dogs + four crates + four doors open to crates = fight waiting to happen, since all my dogs consider their own crate their own space, just for them.
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