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If Charlie is used to sleeping in his crate, could you not put the crate in your room next to your bed and then leave the door open? He may be content to sleep in the crate while in the same room as you. It would be best if he were not allowed on any furniture at all while you do this exercise so that he doesn't feel he should be on the bed with you. At night time, call him in with you and tuck him into his crate with a treat and tell him to stay. Keep it close so that you could dangle your hand there so he can sniff it and relax. Try putting one of your worn tshirts in with him so it smells comforting like you. My dogs used to sleep on my bed, but my husband will have none of that, so now they both have a bed in the bedroom (one on either side) and happily go to their pillows at night. Neither one of them would think of getting up on the bed anymore. Honestly if Charlie's crate is in the basement laundry room why would he want to go into it??? He needs to be where his family is. If you want him to use the crate regularly, put it in the family room where he can see you and still be part of the group and you may well find that he's happy enough to go and lay it in while the family is watching TV or something.
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