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These are her BUN, CREA, and PHOS numbers over the last month attatched in the photo, she went in for a two week blood test today and I am posting the results here of all of her blood tests.

Why is our vet insisting on SubQs when I see so many of you guys not giving the subQs at all or very rarely??

As for the food, we give her cyproheptadine and sucralfate when needed. The appetite stimulation is good, but then she pigs out and eats nearly 50-100g of food in a very very short time, which also cannot be good. The only good thing is that the medication makes her want to drink, so she then eats the wet food.

She has not had a drink by herself from any of the 5 water bowls we rotate around the house in the last month plus.. It is very frustation for us to watch her eat dried food, though we are thankful she is eating at all. We leave wet food out, like last night, she didn't touch it, instead she ate all the dried food. If we take the dried away, she won't eat anything. I remember a few weeks ago we tried to mix dried food with the wet food and she didn't like the smell of that at all.
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