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I second all the advice you have gotten from SCM. I have a 17 year old in CRF and has been declining for a couple of years now. Like SCM, I am more concerned about her eating, then the phosphorus content as she is extremely picky eater, even when she was young.

I make my own cat food once a month, divide it up into daily feedings and freeze it, taking out the daily amount the day before to thaw in the fridge. I grind whole chickens (I cut off the fatty pieces but leave some skin on as that is the only way cats can get their Vit D, add 5%kidneys/hearts & 5% liver, a bit of iodized salt (for iodine), and raw egg yolks (great vit B). I make about 30-35 lbs at a time (I have 4 cats).

I mix the raw with quality canned (same brands as SCM has stated). I have no problems leaving it out all day for them to munch on.

I had to slowly start mixing raw with their canned, then eventually get to 50-50 and now they will eat plain raw.
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