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We tried raw meat and cooked meat, she doesn't like it. We can't wait for her to eat it because if she doesn't eat then we have yet another problem. I am going to try steaming some food and see what happens. It should retain the taste and smell.

Thank you for all the links. I will do some reading.

Ok so you are giving the canned not bagged version of Instinct. We actually tried this last year and she didn't like it. Strange because she will eat Ziwipeak.

Can I ask you what is the average temperature and humidity in your house in the summer and winter? We also have bug issues, but not so severe if we keep a lid on the garbage and throw it out everyday.

I have been reading a lot of things that make me feel sad. Many websites say that giving Sub-Q injections will only work for about 2-12 months at which time the cat will decline very fast, some people say just within a few hours. It just makes me wonder if Sub-Qs are really the best thing for her. Her fluid intake from the extra water we give her in the canned food is about 40-60ml per day, plus the 120ml SubQ everyday. I don't want to give her anymore than 200ml a day, I feel it is overkill, she is only around 4kg. I just don't know what else to do..
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