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Hi, and thank you for your reply.

When you say a 50% raw diet, what exactely do you mean? Are you giving your cat human raw meat? or are you providing a canned food for them? Which one?

High protein will elevate BUN in CKD cats. I know cats need protein, but...

The problem with Ziwipeak is that the DMA is at 1.3-1.59% both those websites I gave you above, which I am sure everyone on here knows about, has two different numbers for this food. It is sooooooo frustating!

Weruva is not technically sold here, though we have seen it on various websites, we think someone might be bringing over extra cans, not sure...

Wellness seems not as good as it is still high in phosphorous, or something else, I forgot, my mind is drawing a blank as we have researched way tooo much over the last month. Complete exhustion!

On another forum someone told us they did a canned human mackeral mixed with chicken and their CKD cat lived to 26 years old! They had several kidney problemed cats and it seemed to work, but it seems that they might have forgotten some of what they did as it has been years ago..

We have access to BARF here, but after doing the DMA on it, I found it is the worst of the worst when it comes to phosphorous levels, it's like 3%!!!!!!!! Unbelivable!!!!
Yes, human-grade food, :-), so you cook it first or just throw it down for the cat to eat? Recipes? We have never attempted to cook for the cat. We have tried to give her cooked beef and salmon and she smells it and walks away.

Can you send me to a link on the Nature's Variety's website so I can see specifically which ones you are giving your cat? There are three different types of wet canned cat food on their site and it's confusing.

It seems you use no dried food at all. You leave wet food out all day or all night? The can usually says 30 minutes, we don't follow that either, but max is usaully around 4 hours. It's very humid here, so we have to be careful.

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