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Frustrated about canned food ingredients for CKD cats

We recently discovered one of our cats has CKD. We are heartbroken, but dealing with it. We are giving her SubQ injections everyday at home right now. What is troubling is pet food. All of them stink. And what makes matters worse is that the food charts are confusing and different.

I have looked extensively at both of these:

Some of the same foods have two completely different numbers. It is very frustrating.

Can I ask you guys what you use for your cats who have CKD? What do you feed them???

Right now we are using several types of food.

Royal Canin RF23 dry, she doesn't like.
K/D dry she eats but I know it's dry and full of garbage
GI32 dry, we use very little of this as it is high in phosphorous and bad protein, but if we do not give it to her her stools are soft. She has been on this for years because she cannot digest things well, but we have severely cut the quantity she gets.
Ziwipeak lamb, this is the only one of the three she eats, and the only canned wet food she eats right now.

I am totally disgusted with the pet food manufacturers, even for healthy pets there are few foods that are actually good.

I would also like to ask what sort of Mackerel we can make for her, I have been told to use the one in oil, however, there are many different ones in oil, so which one is the right one? Can you give me specific brands and websites to buy it from? I was told to use Mackerel with chicken, but what part of the chicken do we use? And how to make it taste good enough that the cat will eat it?

My friend is going to the US next week and I would love to be able to tell him where to go or what to buy for us and bring it back. As we live overseas it is very difficult to actually get things that are better for our cats here.

Any information would be highly appreciated!
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