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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
We've noticed that the dogs we've had since puppyhood pick up a lot more from our general conversations that the ones we've had for less time. We talk to our dogs all the time so the longer they're here and the more they're focused on us, the more language they've picked up. Not just commands or the word 'hungry' or 'out'...but whole concepts like "let's take the dogs out back for a romp" or "seems like a good day for chews" or even "gotta fit in a birthday party". Ember has the best language skills since we got him the youngest, and Macie (who has always been a bit more aloof because of her sad early history) is the least cognizant of what we're saying.
I am so glad to hear you talk your dogs all the time too. I had one woman come up to me and say "I thought you where talking to yourself until I saw your dog!" I have heard of people not being to say the word 'walk' or their dog will get all excited about going for a walk.
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