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Originally Posted by elle87 View Post
My cat is 8 years old and has not had any issues so far aside from impacted anal glands which seemed to have corrected itself overtime (as verified by her vet). However, last week she stopped pooping for three days and also stopped eating so we took her to the vet. They took an X-ray which showed that there was a lot of poop inside her they gave her an enema and held her overnight. When she came back home, she acted like her usual self and even pooped on her own. The vet prescribed restoralax and Summit Cisapride to take for a few days. We also changed her diet to mostly wet food because the vet said the issue was that she wasnít drinking enough water.

However it seems that she has constipation again (about a week after her first enema). The vet said to bring her in for another enema and we have an appointment tomorrow, but shouldnít there be another cure for this or something else we can try? I am really worried because the enemas are not only expensive but uncomfortable for kitty. I am also worried that it could be something called megacolon that Iím reading about online??? Also how does this happen all of a sudden because she never had these problems before. Just looking for some reassurance and advice. My whole family is stressed out about this.

I am sorry to hear about that, I think more fluid intake for him. Or better yet bring him to the vet.
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