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The holistic vet you spoke to isn't trained in Classic Homeopathy, so she's just going with what she knows, and Akane's numbers are good right now , but I know how you feel wanting something to help now - that's why/when I turned to a Homeopath Vet.

I really am not familiar with combination remedies, and the different effects of various ingredients acting with each other.

With classic homeopathy you really need a trained professional to ask in depth questions to find what the imbalances are throughout the body to find the right remedy for each pet/person. There are various remedies that are associated with certain conditions or symptoms but sometimes the remedy that is most called for isn't one that is usually associated with a certain condition/issue. For example Duffy's main remedy wasn't a traditional kidney related one but it balanced everything else & that had brought the kidneys closer to where they should be.
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