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We went to the vet today for bloodwork and urinalysis. Akane has been on Fortekor and Covalzin (toxic binder) since the end of April. I added some vegetables and cooked egg white to his raw diet. I'm still thinking what to do with vegetables. Maybe I should reduce the amount a bit..

BUN 52mg/dL (17-40) 22 pts down
CRE 2.6mg/dL (0.6-2.4) 0.2 pts up
Phos 4.9mg/dL (1.7-7.2) 0.1 pts down

PH 6.5
Proteinuria 1+
USG 1.040

About insulin, I have bought a new bottle as the old one was really old...and then the onset seems to get "usual" again. Relieved. Thanks.
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