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Thank you for your time, sugarcatmom.

Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
A better idea would be to add some cooked egg white if you can.
I started to add it after I found out his kidney concern. Fortunately he eats OK. I also add omega 3 oil, taurine, digestive enzyme, canola oil, and vitamin B complex + C. (But I've heard adding vitamin C is not recommended.) Not vitamin E.

Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Also, I strongly recommend you eliminate the alfalfa from your recipe. It's actually toxic to cats.
I didn't know that. Thanks for the links. I had checked both sites before but I've missed these info. The title - "When Love can Kill" makes me afraid. I decided to use it because some books recommend to add alfalfa with a little caution if a cat has urinary tract problem.

There are so many information and sometimes they contradict or disagree. Instruction from a vet vs info from website, or web vs web. I'm often How do you decide which info you follow?

I didn't know about glycemic index, either. I just added vegetables 1) because he had hairball problem and I thought he needs fiber (We have cat grass, too.) 2) to reduce his protein intake which now I understand not necessary 3) because I thought it might be better he takes vitamins from food than from supplement. (and.. I keep using supplement.)

I wonder... adding vegetables is not really necessary? And I'm thinking about using slippery elm bark. Is every product same?
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