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Originally Posted by catlova
3-Can humans pass on their colds to cats and dogs.

Sorry to bump this thread but I had a question. I have recented adopted a 10 month old cat with FIV. It is going to be a 100% house cat with exams every six months with the possiblility of Interferon going forward.

If I have a bad cold, or any cold for that matter, can I or my spouse pass this cold on to the cat? I didn't see this answered in the excellent response to the original post.

Thanks for any info

I know this is a old post but the anwer is yes, the case is Florida resulted in the deaths of several greyhounds

Dogs can be infected by canine strains of streptococci and sometimes by human strains. A dog handler with pharyngitis (sore throat) was thought to be the source of infection in a Greyhound kennel epidemic in Florida, and a human strain was isolated from an infected dog in Canada. There are certainly human "carriers" of streptococci, and according to Brad Fenwick, D.V.M. of Kansas State University Veterinary School, there are also canine carriers of virulent streptococci who never show a symptom
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