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Originally Posted by lady247 View Post
is this the gentle leader harness you are referring to?

we do let him sniff around on the grass and don't expect him to be by our side all the time, but what is particularly difficult is when he is REALLY curious about something, he knows he is strong enough to pull very hard to that particular area. that's when walking him becomes very stressful! thus, a way to control that abundance of energy during those super curious times would be helpful.
Yes, that is the harness we use on our dogs.

When our dogs really want to sniff something, we ask them for a sit, then ask them to heel until we reach it (the dog has to be taught the heel command first). If they continue pulling, then the other way we go. Chances are the next time we come across something they really want to see, they wait for my ok and walk nicely towards it alongside us.

Originally Posted by Winston View Post
I personally would not use a harness for my dog but thats because of his strength and size.
The Easy-walk is not a regular harness that clips on the back (Lucky would pull like a dog on a mission with one of these on too). IT clips on the chest so when a dog pulls in one direction, it actually makes them go in the opposite direction. So what they learn? Pull, and you'll be directed elsewhere. But, even this harness is just a tool...the handler, not the tools used, had to teach the dog to walk nicely.

Originally Posted by Melinda View Post
brina is 70 pounds and we only use a medium, I used a large on a st bernard, how large or small is Lucky?
He has a very deep chest. Medium is too small, and large is too big .

Originally Posted by undo View Post
I personally don't like harnesses for walking, especially for dogs that don't know how to heel. You cannot really correct the behaviour, and harness encourages the dog to pull.
Again, not the Easy Walk. And you use corrections with a prong ? We have a strong dog with a super high prey drive...using harsh corrections would have him obey me out of fear of pain...not because he respects and understands what's being asked of him.
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