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Yup brain games are great...good for those rainy or really cold days. I've noticed with my dog when we start something like that, no panting but by the time we're finished she's panting, almost like she'd been for a run.

I have a husky/shepherd mix and she can pull me off my feet if she wants to!! She's 3 now though and one thing I've found with her that works well (this of course depends of where you are when walking) is a long line. She knows how to heel but she likes a little bit of space, so if a give her a bit more line, say 10 ft or so, she walks along nicely.

Two things I've taught her is 'come back' and 'wait' Very useful if I've given her the whole length of her line. If you teach come back before they hit the end then you don't get your arm pulled out of it's socket!!
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