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my dog, the ultimate puller

I almost forgot about this wonderful forum, and have been reading a lot of posts related to the issue I'm experiencing with my dog: PULLING! Although advice is plentiful, I’ve tried a lot of the methods and haven’t found anything that has really stuck to my dog. I was hoping to receive more advice on my individual case...

My pup:
-Husky-golden retriever mix
-1 year and 3 months old
-75-80 lbs
-highly distractible
-tons and tons of energy, usually most energetic when pulling during walks!

“Tools” I’ve used:
-martingale collar (currently in use)
-gentle leader (not in use, as he started to pull with it on = very straining on him)
-nylon 6 ft leash (currently in use)

Methods I’ve used:
-taught the heel command
-feeding his dinner kibble as rewards for heeling, treats as well
-stopping immediately when he pulls, not budging until he comes back
-changing direction of walk without any warning
-changing routes frequently so he can’t anticipate the next move
-“touch” command to refocus his attention (rarely works outdoors, only indoors)
-play in backyard prior to walking – this often makes him more energetic! Like a warm-up..
-method of weaving leash across his chest, behind one leg, and through the collar (apologies, i forgot what this method is referred to as)

Some other info:
-he’s fine in offleash parks, where he will return when his name is called, and never strays too far
-a major issue seems to be distraction, as he will pull if you go 20 steps forward, but once you turn around and walk those same 20 steps back to your original location, it will be loose leash! (although not always)
-he understands the heel command, as he returns to our side (usually by walking backwards until he reaches us) but only when he “feels” like doing so!
-this was less of a problem when he was younger, as he didn’t know his own strength. Now he knows how to use his strength, and each method we’ve used only works for about 1-2 weeks now!

I’m hoping that this forum will give me some advice on
a. How to maintain his attention on me during walks/reduce his distractibility
b. How to gain control over his strength, as I am 115 lbs and if he really wanted to pull me across the street, he could!
c. methods that have worked for your dog, perhaps some info on short-term professional training, long leashes, etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love the concept of walking my dog, but enjoying the walk has become a totally foreign reality for me!
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