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Comments please, re: feeding..

Hello to all,

I have a 3 yr old Gordon Setter (Ozzy) and a 4 yr old Irish Setter (Chase). For the past year or so, we have been feeding them the following twice a day

- dry kibble (1st 5 ingredients...Chicken, Chicken meal, Cracked pearled barley, Millet, Brewer's rice) = approx. 8 oz
- canned (various brands/flavours) = approx. 5 oz.
- boiled rice = about 2 heaping scoops using a tablespoon from my cutlery set (not a measuring spoon)
- plain yogurt = about 1 heaping scoop
- occasionally some table scraps (a few morsels given as treats away from the table)

Anything particularly wrong with the above menu??

I want to start introducing boiled meats & veggies into their diet but I haven't yet been able to convince the hubby to go strictly homecooking so I was wondering what ratio of kibble, canned & cooked meat/veggies I can set them up with that would give them the nutritution they need.

My Gordon is a little overweight at 86 lbs; my Irish is about 78 lbs.

Thanks for any info.
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