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Thanks for all the info! Happy to hear I'm starting things off right, I was a little nervous.

These posts were greatly informative...I'll look for some canned tripe and I actually sweet talked the meat guy at the grocery store into giving me a great deal on some pork shoulder yesterday so I can add some variety and more meat, less bone. There were also pig's feet (trotters?) I saw for the first time EVER but I couldn't bring myself to put them in my cart. I'm still a little squeamish and something about the pig's feet chopped off at the fetlock made me want to vomit. Hopefully I get over that - I heard there's a good deal on chicken feet at the ethnic market this weekend. Gak!

Quick question: I might have an "in" with an organic cattle ranch...are there any discard products that people don't eat that I could ask for? Otherwise I'm buying half a beef and getting it sliced into steaks and ground beef. What should I specifically ask for?

Paul: Ranger's on omega fatty acids supplements already - glad to know that's recommended! I started doing it when his coat went brittle and dry, then realized it was the food he was eating and we switched off it. Ranger's approx 2 years old and while it would be easier to feed him once a day, he tends to throw up bile if he goes more than ten hours between meals. He gets his kibble in the morning, a cookie or two around 4pm (more if I'm bribing him while bathing him) and then his raw meal later in the evening.

I thought I read somewhere online that said you try to build up an animal over the course of the week to try to get the correct ratio of organ, bone, meat. Is that what "frankenprey" is? Ranger had a huge chicken quarter last night with the kidneys in and tonight I was going to give him some pork and beef's fun feeding raw. Way more interesting than it is just feeding plain kibble. Not to mention all the benefits! Ranger's teeth at 2 are way better than his doggie friend's teeth are at 1 yr of age!
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