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Since you are the only person taking a firm stance against this and the rest of us, who have experience with multiple dog households, including littermates, are of a different opinion I think it is up to you to back up your opinion with verifiable facts Beauceron, not the other way around.

So, the ball is in your court. Prove me wrong.
Beauceron has a point.

We need to remember that many families adopt "littermates" because they are under the impression that the dog will grow up with a great friend and many families do not understand the full responsibility of such a task. This can be extremley detrimental to the dogs future. ESPECIALLY if the entire family is a) not an experienced dog home, or b) not on board to train both dogs individually as required in this situation.

There are MANY reasons why adopting two puppies should be taken into careful consideration. If it's not, it can lead to serious problems and concerns like what the OP is dealing with.

And I may get burned for saying this, but I stand by my comment when I say that I would much rather an adaptable puppy be rehomed - than an older dog with serious behavioral/training issues who may get bumped around from home to home to home in the future, all because of lack of education.
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