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As others here have already stated, i know of 3 members on here that have siblings and i can think of 4 of my neighbours withing a couple houses that have a sibling pair also..If the breeder I got Qman from didn't already have all of hers spoken for i would have loved to take his little sister too. Any dogs i know that are siblings were taught the exact same way you would teach two non-sibling puppies...I wouldn't crate two non-siblings together anymore than i would two siblings.

Beauceron,,just because YOU state something as fact doesn't mean it is so. Several members have experience with siblings and some have stated so in here. Where as you voice your opinion, and that is all it is unless backed up with solid evidence. Unless you have raised siblings, know of several dozen people who have and had problems,,where exactly do you get your information from that makes all of us with experience wrong. Apparantly we're something special that we managed to pull off something that the majority can't....yay for us good going guys.