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Awesome thread BM

Just finishing off Atlas of the Unknowns by Tania James. Loving it. I do a lot of light reading though like read all the shopaholic series and all...but I do like to read more powerful things every once in a while. I think I'm gonna reread a fine balance by rohinton mistry after im done my current read (prob tonight). Read it in highschool and I think it remains one of my fav books ever.

Originally Posted by mollywog View Post
but I think you would LOVE the TV series True Blood- it's like Twilight but much more... ahem... mature!!!
Don't ya think that might be a tad bit too mature for BM? No offence BM but if ure mom's a lil concerned bout some 'smutt' in books she is not gonna be too happy bout some of the visuals in true blood (saw parts of an epi). Not saying it is good tho, ppl rave about it.Yes yes Im a prude hahaha. Naaaaah, i just think of u as a lil sis and I would def change the channel if my lil bro (now 17 so not so lil ) was in the room with me with true blood on. But then Im super protective and I'd like to think lil bro still thinks girls have cooties lol Ok I will stop being all big sisterly now

Sorry sorry I so went off topic.
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