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I mean, if the staff at City of Toronto, Animal Services are perturbed by surrenders they need to make thier employer aware of it so that he can take a position that might help curb this trend. (surrenders) Further if the staff are peed because people are turning over thier animals they should ask themselves why its happening. They haven't posted pitbulls for adoption for sometime now. I noticed they posted a couple over weekend but for the last month or two they weren't. So if the City's position was they weren't fit for adoption, how can they frown on surrenders? I'm not getting it.
David Miller, the Mayor, had stated publicly that he is pleased with how swiftly the Provincial government has moved on this issue(BSL). This might be a huge leap but I think he is saying that he supports the proposed ban and that means he supports the eventual extermination of so called "pitbull" breeds in this province. So if people are turning thier pitties in left, right and centre and City staff are peed, they have thier boss to thank. His co-operaton whether overt or silent with the Province is responsible for it.