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I really think that this proposed BSL, all the hype in the media has put some people in impossible situations. No one wants thier dogs or kids near our dogs, landlords want them out. People hurdle insults and threats in the streets/parks. I can't imagine the insecurity I would feel with the BSL looming if I was in a rental situation. I think folks who may have adopted these dogs had no idea all this was coming. Further, some people really cannot afford obedience training. Some people just don't have the conviction or personal assertiveness required to tell buddy over there he is way overracting to the dog. These dogs require lots especially if they have had a previous owner and with the proposed BSL thrown in on top well I can see why someone might not be up to the task. People who work in the shelters and the humane need to direct thier frostyness in the appropriate direction. IMHO ofcourse

That direction would be Mayor David Miller and Attorney General Michael Bryant.