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Smile A Truly Moving Story

We too, have a dog named Sam. However, we call her Sammie. Our son wanted a male dog, and we fell in love with Sammie. So we gave her a unisex name. (Samantha) We have waited over 12 years to adopt a dog. Our daughter is 12 and our son just made 5 - we wanted to make sure he was the right age for a new dog in our home. We adopted Sammie on 12/31/08 from the Humane Society. We had her spayed and microchipped and 8 days later, she went missing from our fenced back yard after I had been gone only 1 hour. We were so scared, because she had not yet bonded with us but only for a week.

I sent out flyers, notified 24 hr petwatch, our animal control officer, and did daily walk throughs at our Humane Society. We were heartbroken. On January 11, a woman with a local rescue league saw my flyer and told me that a man had a beagle dumped in his yard a few days earlier. I had to check it out.

When we got there, this sweet little creature was tethered by a 3-4 foot rope to the back of a camper. She was living outdoors in a turned over garbage can and sleeping, eliminating, and eating within a 3 foot radius.

We rescued the dog, took her home, bathed her, fed her, and kept her warm.
I took her to our vet and she was very ill. She tested positive for hook, round, whip, and heart worms. It is a miracle this animal was still alive, because she was severely malnourished. My son and daughter named her Snoopy.

I sent out SOS's to local rescue groups to get their help. By the Grace of God, Terri responded to my call. Terri has taken good care of her. Snoopy had to be transfused, but she is coming around.

It is an amazing miracle she is still alive. This dog, Snoopy was meant to survive and I believe she will because she is a tough cookie. Her blood work was unbelievable. And yes, I do believe it was a sign from God that we found this dog and also got our Sammie back.

I was at the right place at the right time when I got a tip on Sammie's location. I set up a time to meet Terri to drop Snoopy off to her. I told her to meet me at the Humane Society in Gulfport, because I had to do my daily walk through in Lost/found-surrender to try to find Sammie. Right after I handed over Snoopy to Terri for care, I walked in and met a woman who was picking up her lost Lab. She happens to be a vet tech and animal lover. She told me that "I have seen that dog hanging out in my neighborhood - It IS your dog."

I followed her home and she helped me try to catch her. We couldn't, because she was scared and didn't recognize me. So I stayed there until my husband got home from work and we both were able to get her. If that isn't Divine Providence then I don't know what is. If I had not been there at THAT place and at THAT time, I would have never met this woman or located our Sammie. God IS merciful. I do believe that Sammie's disappearance was a way for us to find and help this little beagle we call Snoopy. And, I believe that God has blessed us with finding our Sammie.

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