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House fire in multiple cat household, how to save them?

Hi everyone,

I am not an alarmist or anything, but I was talking with a friend of mine and we were discussing this issue "What would happen if there was a fire or another emergency in our homes/apartments and we would have to get them out real fast" ?

I have 9 cats, and I am very aloof as to how I could get them all out together and safe.
I have 3 pet carriers and when comes time to go to the vet, I can put 2 cats in one.
But I don't see myself running down the stairs from my 3rd floor apartment with 3 pet carriers containing each 3 cats (considering that certain cats don't really get along to share a pet carrier...)
Let alone trying to fit 3 cats in there together without one of them escaping or refusing to get in...
I also think that I would suffer extreme clawing damage to my hands and body,(but that's ok if it means they would be out safe)...

Leaving the doors open for them to 'run out' on their own dosn't really seem like an option since they are strictly indoor cats and never went outside, tho I would do this if it meant trying to save their lives by giving them the chance to escape. They would also probably be very scared and panicked once outside in all the noise and commotion of the fire trucks and people standing around.

Do any of you who have a multiple cat household ever taught of this possible situation?
If so, what are your escape plans?
Any ideas as to how to evacuate quickly a large number of cats?
Do you know of companies who make big bags or things of the sort to get pets out? My friend and I taught of putting the cats in pillow cases, but I doubt the pillow cases would resist the clawing of a panicked cat...

Thanks for your input, any ideas or sugestions are very welcomed.

As I always say, it's best to be prepared!

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