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Help! my dog shaking/Back? hiding

I took my dog to the vet after intermittent shaking and they found nothing wrong with him. Then a few days ago he began shaking constant and hard. But he is not having a fit.

I took him again to the vet- nothing.
Soon I discovered his back hurts badly. The vet offered rimadyl and relaxants.

After a long sleep he seems to be ok then he wants to take a walk so I take him out for a little walk to do his poddy and back home.

He likes to be under the bed but as soon as I sit down by him he gets into my arms. I think it must be his back and I hope it is not some organ. But I think it is his back because he is very tender. I just put some arnica gel on his back for the pain. Anyone have suggestions. The worse thing is that we are suppose to travel in 4 weeks on a long plane trip to a new home in the Middle East. It's a new job and a new home but the plane trip is long. Although I guess it would keep him still. thanks for help <edited out personal email>

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