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You should start training puppies as soon as you bring them home, but it's never too late. GSDs are very intelligent and willing dogs with a strong drive to work. If they are frustrated in this (and working could be something as simple as carrying a backpack or fetching) they may become destructive or aggressive, as any dog may.

When she sits in her our garden she frequently barks and growls @ people passing by, which is more of a nervous thing,
This is normal for a guardian breed defending it's territory. The thing is have control of it and the way to do that is to be "the boss". The alarm barking is genetic, so you can teach her that a couple of barks is "enough" and that her job is done.

Obedience training will boost her confidence and teach her that she can trust you to keep her away from harm, and that you will handle the situation. Training will also socialize her more and get her used to all kinds of people and dogs.

You're right - none of this will happen unless you take charge.
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