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Pitbull ban didn't work - and neither do the Liberals

Well I haven't been here in a while but a search just led me in here. I hope all are well.

I thought I would post two items while here. One regarding the pit bull ban and another regarding the scum that passed that law.

With a death last week possibly being tied to a dog bite I thought I would bring your attention to a little known fact regarding Bill 132 and the DOLA.

In the two years leading up to the ban in which the Liberals were in power no dog related deaths occurred in Ontario. Since the ban was implemented there have been three - one per year. Leading up to the ban the average number of dog related deaths in Canada per year was one. Now the average of dog related deaths in Ontario alone since the ban is one a year.

This means that statistically Ontario if FAR FAR more dangerous than it was before the ban.

And as for the Liberals they continue to scam the sheeple in other ways with their announcements of improvement. Why the press doesn't tear them apart I don't know.

In the last month the Liberals have ramped up the new Health Care lotteries. Last month they announced the approval of cancer drugs in Ontario. The only problem is they only funded it enough that maybe 1 in 7 will get treatment. Today they announced that insulin pumps will be made available to 1300 type 1 diabetics. The only problem is that approx 900,000 people in Ontario have diabetes and the Canadian Diabetes association suggests that 10% of those have type 1. That means that over 88,000 type 1 diabetics WON'T get the pumps. The new minister of health used to run the Ontario lotteries but I would suggest that he still is running them.
Don't blame me I voted NDP.

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