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Originally Posted by Brandon W View Post
There should be laws made to obtain a dog no matter what breed. Example,any person wanting to own a dog must first pass this written test on caring and training a dog. People should not just be able to buy a dog and walk away. Manditory requirements might also include inspections of home prior to owning,as well as training started and completed within a certain time frame of aquiring the dog.
Aside from infringing on free people's rights even more than a breed ban (due to directly affecting all people and all dogs), your suggestion would require (1) a neutral and accepted authority who also knows each breed and cross and individual dog and applicant well enough to make appropriate matches and (2) a great deal of money and manpower. And then the problem of why target dogs? What about cats? Horses? Cattle? Hamsters? ... all of which can suffer from neglect, and all of which can cause injury...
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