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Well so far so good....
I gated off the wire he can no longer access ANY wires....and so far so good...only thing he's distroyed in the last couple days....a roll of paper helped him there tho, she had to have knocked it off the counter, and he took advantage of that, BIG time....maddening part tho....the bf was HOME!!!! lol
I came in, walked around the corner to the living room, and stopped dead.
There was my bf, sprawled on the couch watching tv, and there was Thor on the floor, right beside the couch, in mountain of white...haha
But ya, the only thing left in his grasp to distroy, is my kitchen chairs made out of far, only one has been chewed on a little....but training is fixing that.(I have been teaching him that he chews on his toys only, but passin him a toy when he goes for other things...replace the bad things with the good kinda deal)...
But ya....we're getting there!
P.S> Helps that we're doing 30 min walks again....which seems to be Thor's limit. My ankle is still tender and sore, but I can walk again....which Thor seems to enjoy!
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