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Patty, well done. Isn't it lovely when the penny drops and they realise you are not out to cut their foot off? When you said she gets all excited I laughed because it reminded me of Perkins, my male cattle dog. We do all our dogs as they lounge back against Ian's shoulder, belly up on his lap facing me. Silly Perkins would be so enthusiastic, because of his rewards - yummmm- that he'd race into the room, back up to Ian and try to do a reverse jump into his lap. LOL. Crazy mutt! The shelties all mill around us wanting it to be their turn next. mumx3, it was also a job I thought I'd never be game to do, picturing blood everywhere from nails cutback too far, but I think I'm kinder than my vet. That and tooth scaling are good skills when you have a few I think.
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