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Fixing a birdhouse...

You see how phobic I am about birds <????!!!! > ~ it took me forever just to FIND this forum.

I've been given a lovely, but broken, birdfeeder which I would like to fix. Not sure if I have the nerve to use it myself but, at the very least I hope I can put it back to rights and gift it to someone else.

It's a "cedar-shake" style with shingles of what I assume to be balsa affixed to what appears to be rotting cork. I think it still has alot of life left in it and I've hand-cut pieces of shim to replace missing shingles. But I'm wondering what ~ non-toxic-to-birds ~ product to use to glue the pieces of shingle which have fallen off to the rotting cork.

I know I should probably find someway of carefully removing all the staples from the five gerzillion shingles and replace all the cork discs but....holy fiddley-bits.

Any simple fixes out there birders?
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