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The Toenail Battle is Over!!

I've been working with Miss Bayley for awhile now with her toenails. She absolutely hated having them clipped. She'd growl, fuss, try to take my hands away with her mouth, never actually biting, pull her paws away, you name it she tried to get me not to do them. So after finding her fave treat, Beggin Strips, we started slowly doing them with the strips. I'd start with just taking a teeny microscopic sliver off, then a treat and so on.

Well, today, I said you wanna get your toenails done!? Well, she starts running around all excited and looking at the top of the fridge where I keep the Beggin Strips!! I was sooo happy, so I grab a couple and the clippers and sit down, well, bam there's a paw in my lap, no asking, no begging, no fighting or even flinching. Less than 5 minutes and nails are done! Such a nice change!
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