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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Would the ground eggshells be in place of bone?
In place of, or in addition to some of the bone if I have to feed ground to one of the guys and my grinder keeps misbehaving.

So, the math says: for every 100g of chicken (I'm cutting up and mixing different parts of the meat) there's 198mg of phosphorus, which would have to be balanced by 240-270mg of calcium, 10 of which are already in the meat... so if I was using eggshells only I would need roughly about 640mg per 100g of meat. If total daily requirement for my 5kg cat is ~ 150-200g of raw food, but only 90% of that should be meat and organs, that's 135-180g... we'll round it up to 160... to even out the phosphorus I need to add a bit over 1000mg, or 1g, of elemental calcium?

My head is spinning Mostly because that number is below 0.6% of body weight per day calcium requirement, which in a 5kg cat would be 3g, so 3 times as much.

Please tell me I messed up my math
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