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Originally Posted by fleolicious View Post
Fantastic, Love4himies, thank you so much!

But yes, your bone pieces are much finer than mine were, and the whole mix looks way more uniform; I just had really ugly paste and really worrisome bone chips :/

I left most of the skin on, and they absolutely adore liver, hearts, any sort of intestines really; I was giving it to them as treats since they were little, so I've got that part covered. I'll try beef heart tomorrow, hopefully that will work out too

As for chewing bones, I don't think I've ever seen them so excited about any kind of food before I was expecting some confusion at least in the beginning... but no, happy crunching and fuzzy excited tails right away Except for Kamikaze, but he was always a little slow on the uptake with new food - he'll try anything, but every time we switch (from pate to chunky kinds of canned, for instance, and sometimes even if it's just a new flavour) I have to hand-feed him a few meals until he's absolutely positive it's food.

One last question for now: can I give them ground eggshells as well, or is that just for dogs?
You are so lucky! Ground eggshells are good for them too!!!
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