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Potty training is a game to him

Dexter is now six months old and was going outside to the bathroom about 80% of the time. We also have a chihuahua but she uses paper, but Dex will not use them.

Then about six weeks ago, we adopted a 18 year old boy, who came with his Shepard/X Cross Kush who is around a year old and fully trained.

Kush & Dexter had been best buddies for a few weeks before Kush moved in, both being puppies and love to play together.

But now it seems as it's all a game to Dexter. We used to praise him and give him doggie treats every time he went outside, but he loves the outside so much, he'd go out, play and come back and expect a treat.

Now that it's warmer we leave the back door open and Dexter will go outside and play, come in and pee or poop on the floor, sometimes right in front of us!!! We yell NO! and put him out side, praise him when he goes but he's being a problem child.

It's really hard to pen Dexter up in a small area like we did before as him and Kush roam and play thru out the house and Kush is 56lbs to Dex's 9.

Any ideas?
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