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Thanks for the welcome.....

It is always nice to find and make new friends to draw and exchange information with.
No more cats at the moment....thanks there is not enough room on the bed, but will keep your offer in mind in the coming years....who knows.

As for pictures.....ahhhh you poor souls, you know not what you wish for... they will be on their way.... what is the standard size allowed? I will adjust the format to keep within the legal limits.

And if any of you need a bmd fix, Zuckie and I are skijoring this Sunday St. Lazare at Les Forestier around 11-noon....always love to have people see me make a fool of myself...our last course...and I have bruises to prove it too!
tata for now and to everyone, have a super day!
[I]Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly [/I]
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