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It sure has been one heck of a week. And I would like to say thank you to all that are praying for my Matsi. She is my buddy. Matsi scared me the other day, I was in the floor w/her just hanging out and all the sudden she sceezed real hard and blew out a small clot, and it wouldnt stop bleeding, Not a gusher but enough I got scared. I wouldnt let her up and made sure she stayed down til we got it under control. This was the first time she ever bled like that.
Matsi has been so attached to me ,more than normal. I had to go to the Doctor the other day and Chris he stayed at home w/her, he said soon as I left Matsi wanted to go out , she will do that to him and wont come back in til I get home, She went to bed this time, and soon as I walked in she layed alot of kisses and more and more . I dont know but she has to be w/me even more. She still act's like she feel's great , soI cannot figure it out.
That blood clot though was the first, it was like somebody opened the Beaver Damn. One thing she does that I really love is rest her head on my arm or foot and go to sleep. For a couple day's last week I had been walking her, usually by a half block my back is so bad I need to come back but I keep walking her ( her loves it ) I finally had to stop my feet have swelled so it is only about 1/2 block walk now, I just keep on doing it for herno matter how it feels.She also gets me down in the floor w/her and we lounge , I lay on her bed w/her and rroll her toy back and forth.
Hazelrunpack did your dog blow out Blood Clot's ? The vet told me all they will do is put Ice on it and give her med's. I can do that here. But I am afraid that her blood sneezes will lead into something worse and not be able to stop it.I did get a Waiver for her shot's cause of the treatment, one of the nurses at the vet's office told me when she dies she wants to come back as my dog. I just thought it was funny.Well I better get going I am going to make a batch of treats for her and gotta go get her more steak.
Thanks for the ear.
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