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Beet-Potato Kisses

I made these for Odin and he loves them!!!

Take one can of sliced beets. Put in a pot with the liquid from the can. Add one peeled sweet potato also sliced. bring to a boil and cook until the beets and potato are super soft. Cool.

Take the cooled mixture and put in a blender and blend until smooth.

Take a pastry piping bag, (I use a Wilton #10 bag) and a #3 tip (round hole, about 1/2 cm in diameter). Put the mixture in the piping bag, and pipe out hershy kisses size blobs on parchment paper on a baking sheet. You might want to do smaller blobs for smaller dogs, and larger for larger dogs. You can also use a freezer ziplock bag. Just fill the bag with the mix first, close the bag, and snip off a corner to pipe out the mix.

Turn oven on to 200 degrees, and dry the blobs in the oven overnight. THey should be a "chewy" texture when done. They will shrink a lot, about 50%!!!

Store in the freezer to keep fresh, as there are no preservatives! Use within 2 months (although they probably won't last that long).

Beware, beets will turn their pee pink!!
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